7 Hills Brewing Company

The Crew

Meet the Crew

Keith Gutierrez

“Not Your Status Quo CEO”

Keith Allen Gutierrez, born in Chicago IL, reborn in Dubuque Iowa. Spent early childhood playing sports, chasing girls, drinking beer (sorry mom), and daydreaming about the future. Self-critical and over analytical, I have been my own worst enemy. Feeling like Ed Norton in Fight Club, my dual personality resulted in blazing my own trail going against the societal grain. My life is a beautiful struggle as I have embraced the contradictory nature which is life. I live in the grey area between a black and white world. I enjoy listening to obscure independent hip hop, watching cerebral movies, writing poetry, experiencing nature, reading philosophy/science/tech articles, and spending time with my wife and 3 young boys. I dedicate my life to the service of others wearing many hats throughout my career in the industry. I have been known to entertain ideas and avoid belief systems, making it hard to put me in any sort of box. My best advice is “Do you, let them do them.” Most of all, I look forward to building a future with my friends here at 7 Hills. Slainte.

Abigail Gutierrez

First Lady

Quotation Forthcoming

Sean Carter

Head Brewer

On November 28, 2008 just outside of Munich, after graduating from the World Brewing Academy, Sean Carter succumbed to high volumes of carbon dioxide after consuming Hefeweizen for months.  From those yeasty ashes rose the Brewdude and he has but one goal….to brew world class beer for eastern Iowa.  What is a world class beer?  A beer true to style parameters, with uncompromising quality and zero off flavors.  If you happen to catch the Brewdude in his natural habitat, stop him and say “hey there sexy”, then ask him to put his beer in you.

Megan Carter

General Manger

Happily married 30 something female searches for open minded, fun-loving people to experiment with Funky Sours, Dark Smoked Stouts and even the occasional Brown Ale. Spicy Gingers and Belgiums preferred. Hop Heads and Blondes please respond with caution. Hobbies include: sarcasm, rescuing kittens from trees, long walks on the beach, snuggling with her Beagle, obscure movie quotes, drinking beer, and the great outdoors!

As deemed the Matriarch of the Brew Pub, Megan comes to us with just over 20 years of experience in the Industry. (I know that’s probably hard to believe due to how young she looks…wink  wink)  Originally from Chicago, she has worked to create detailed Training Programs, studied Business Management at DeVry University, Managed Bars, Restaurants, a plethora of Events as well as Consulted for and Opened several Restaurants/Brew Pubs. Megan’s attention to detail, remarkable work ethic and passion for the craft are what makes her an asset to the 7 Hills team.

Oh yeah… she is also an Accomplished Mixologist and Competition Flair Bartender Champion which is pretty cool too! (and yes, she can flip bottles like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail….)

“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” -Thomas Jefferson

Na zdrowie!

Tim Conklin

Head Chef

They say the sun shined brighter than ever in Clinton, Iowa on May the 29th 1981, that’s because this was the day I was born. Like those rays of sunshine, I have warmed the hearts of many as well as burned the flesh of those foolish to bet against me. My charming ways and permagrin have helped me to both get in and out of trouble many times in my life. Choosing to take a more adventurous journey through life, I have found my passion for cooking in my mid 20’s when I started to teach myself to cook from scratch. Years later, I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis and began to take my home taught skills to a whole other level. Learning under some great Chefs and having both a great work ethic and a creative mind, I graduated with honors and a 4.0 GPA. Now as a Chef, I want to create great food to enjoy with the suds of my buds. Tossing back a few brews or any other cocktail for that matter, and hanging with my happy go lucky friends is where you are most likely to find me on my time off. Skol!!!!

Jonathan Slaght

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Quotation Forthcoming

Brian Zeimet


Born the great grandson of ALL German immigrants, Brian Zeimet was born to brew big beers, and wants to put his big beers in you. Driven by a need to satisfy our consumers, Brian’s big beers leave the consumers always wanting more. To ensure we at 7 Hills only share the finest big beers, Brian underwent study at the Siebel Institute of Technology where he was given the nickname Sgt Lauter. Brian is a proud father of Archer Zeimet, a bi-racial angel that one day too wants to share his big beers with people.

More about Brian-

Serial hamburger consumer – aggressively infancy – favorite color is whatever the color of the beer is in hand – if he could sum himself up in one word it would be depressing – loves Jacquelyn Pfohl

In all seriousness, I believe you, the consumer, drive our industry. Thank you for supporting local craft breweries. Because of you, I can pursue what I love to do. I believe the consumer owns the beers and we are simply their guardians. It is our responsibility to constantly learn more about our craft to put out the best possible product and assure you our practices and science are strong. We constantly look to new innovative ideas, paired with traditional brewing to add to the complexity of our beers.