Our Beer

"Most people hate the taste of beer - to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice that many people have been able to overcome" ‐ Winston Churchill

Hate divides, beer unites. We brew traditional suds and off ales together in an alchemical marriage to offer the best of both worlds. Don't forget the past as we move towards the future of craft brewing. There's plenty of room on the party bus for all beer drinkers to travel. In the end, the common thread is liquid bread, and we have plenty in stock. From the pop culture down to the anonymous small batch brews, there will be something here for all to enjoy. We can all argue the politics of which beer is better, but don't let the experience of the game escape the frame. It's all about the spirit within. Never lose sight. Slainte!


S#its Bananas Artwork

$#its Bananas


This $#it is Bananas. But seriously how do you make this beer with six ingredients?! With Water, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops and most importantly yeast is how. After all HEFE is German for yeast. Holla back to the yeast for this
banana forward treat with more subtle bubble gum
and clove notes.

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 5.8 | IBU 12

Bad Hombre Label

Bad Hombre

Mexican Lager with Lime

If I’m so bad, How come my conscience is so clean?!
A traditional Mexican lager modernized with hand zested lime and just enough lime juice to not garnish, or do garnish… Your choice, we don’t wall up your decision on the garnish. Acidity from the lime juice cuts through the sweetness of the corn and zest making it quite crushable for Summer months. But enjoy responsibly…. Or not?
This is America.

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 4.9 | IBU 25


Noblest Nectar

Wild Ale

Brew number 2 of our Wild Foeder Series. This one was aged 9 months in our oak foeder and fed with wild yeast and gallons of wildflower honey. Then finished with Nelson Sauvin hops. Well rounded sour meets funky, pineapple and grape character in this complex treat.

Availability: Draft, Bottle, Bomber, Crowler, Growler

ABV 7.25 | IBU 6


Tweed Ride

Session IPA

A creamy body and a 100% mosaic hop load in your mouth. Stone fruity and dank. Grab a pint and enjoy the ride.

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 4.2 | IBU 42

Staches to Ashes Cherrywood Smoked Stout

Staches to Ashes

Cherrywood Smoked Stout

Cherrywood Smoked Stout that is black as night with a big brown head and unmistakable smoky flavor.

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 7.4 | IBU 55

Muddy Tugger

Nut Brown Ale

Named after the workhorses of the mighty Mississippi. This Brown Ale, brewed with oats and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup is a perfectly balanced beer sure to please all. Even if you’re not a “dark beer” person, the Muddy Tugger is here for your pleasure. Don’t be scared to play in the mud!

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 6.5 | IBU 28

Hop Spatter Double IPA

Hop Spatter

Double IPA

If you want lupulin oils and ethanol coursing through your veins, drink this beer. If you want a massively bitter DIPA with a solid malt backbone, drink this beer. If you want to impress the Brewers with your awesome sauce, drink this beer. If you want to have your mind blown, drink this beer. If you don’t want any of the former, Don’t french fry when you should’ve pizza’d or you’re going to have a bad time.

Availability: Draft, Bottle, Crowler, Growler

ABV 9 | IBU 120

7 Headed Monster West Coast IPA

7 Headed Monster

West Coast IPA

Huge hop aroma and flavor, that was the only goal in the design of this West Coast style IPA. Over 1 lbs./ barrel of Simcoe and Citra Hops in the boil and over 2 lbs./ barrel in our re-circulating hop back dry hopping process gives this beer some serious street cred. Once bitten, victims suffer from severe perma-grin, chronic highfiveitis, and epic hop headedness. Have a great Uber.

Availability: Draft, Bottle, Crowler, Growler

ABV 7 | IBU 77

Moanin-n-Groanin Kettle Sour Ale Beer


Kettle Sour Ale

Sour Sour. This kettle-soured ale is brewed with, fresh lemon zest, and Sorachi Ace Hops which are known for their lemon citrus flavor. Pucker up!

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 4.5 | IBU 30

Bernies Red Ale Beer

Bernie’s Red Ale

Red Ale

Crafted by the dude with the FLOW, this beer is bar none a BAR DOWN. Too hoppy for HOSERS, too trendy for BENDERS, this well-balanced Red Ale was designed specifically for the fans cheering inside the BARN. Breakaway from the defense, get your MITTS on a pint, and put that BISCUIT in the BASKET.

Availability: Draft, Bottle, Crowler, Growler

ABV 5 | IBU 21

Town Clock Pilsner Beer Dubuque Iowa

Town Clock


A perfect twist of modern practice and old-world traditions. Light enough for those who dig the macros, but bold enough to make craft lovers smile and order another. This pilsner is brewed using traditional German techniques that create a brilliantly bright beer with a pillowing white head and great lacing. American malts, hops, and of course; corn from the Mid-West makes this easy drinking lager our very own!

Availability: Draft, Bottle, Crowler, Growler

ABV 4.2 | IBU 4.2


Melody Mill

Double Chocolate Stout

Two step through the mill and into the mash,
where bountiful chocolate layers depth into dance,
The sounds of balance tap melodies of fate,
and flux of love succumbs to crux of taste.

Availability: Draft, Crowler, Growler

ABV 8 | IBU 43

Previous Seasonal Beers

Megan the Mosaic Hop

Megan the Mosaic Hop

Mosaic S.M.A.S.H. Ale

On July 25, 2017, Megan the Mosaic hop, distraught from a disturbing viral video, was charged with jaywalking. Sergeant Lauters’ Prosecution was as strong as Northwest Pale Ale Malt and the Brew Dude’s sentence reigned supreme. Isomerization by boil!

Not Available

ABV 5.5 | IBU 16

The Trellis Reaper Black IPA

The Trellis Reaper

Black IPA

The Trellis Reaper warps through inter-dimensional planes searching for IPA to turn to the darkness. He strikes with de-bittered black malts and copious amounts of northwest hops which impart a piney, citrus, resinous hop flavor. The golden light from within extinguished, our IPA has turned to black and it’s to die for.

Not Available

ABV 6 | IBU 66

Beta-Pinene Session IPA


Session IPA

The Brew Crew got real scientific with this one broh. Heat, Vaporize, Submerge, Extract, Ferment, Inject, Chill, Consume. You’re going to love this session IPA broh.

Not Available

ABV 4.6 | IBU 80

It Gose Lick, Swallow, Suck Margarita Gose

It Gose Lick, Swallow, Suck

Margarita Gose

Pasa Holmes, This Margarita Gose is kettle soured and fermented with lots o’ limes and a touch of Mexican sea salt. Limes and acidity are dominant, and the finish is just salty enough to invite the next effervescent sip. Keep loving each other, and remember… It Gose Lick, Swallow, Suck, and order another.

Not Available

ABV 3.5 | IBU 8

3 Men and a Beerby Mosaic SMASH Ale

3 Men and a Beerby

Mosaic SMASH Ale

Light session-able but still quite juicy, this smash highlights the mosaic hop. A very floral nose and an apricot and tangerine finish. Whoever thought Three Men couldn’t be delicate enough to use this hop is mistaken, but we will say there’s nothing delicate about the amount of late addition mosaics in this beer! A collaboration with Singlespeed Brewing Co.

Not Available

ABV 4.8 | IBU 56

Brewpaco Belgian Wheat Ale with Blood Orange


Belgian Wheat Ale w/ Blood Orange

We used only the finest wheat and pilsner malt in all the land for this one. Pair that with some sweet orange peel, coriander and blood orange puree this is a perfect twist of old world meets new world brewing. A crisp white head and creamy mouth feel to boot tells me this beer is definitely worth your investment.

Not Available

ABV 4.7 | IBU 14.3

Blocktoberfest Oktoberfest



Rich German Aroma. Light to moderate toasted malt. Clean and crisp malty sweetness. Grahamy (graham crackers)

Not Available

ABV 5.7 | IBU 25

Run for the Hills Blueberry Wheat Pale Ale

Run for the Hills

Blueberry Wheat Pale Ale

Warmed up with loral hops and blueberries, displayed excellent cadence throughout the mash, before its crash cool down after fermentation. Fresh lemon zest provided the proper pick up to break through the wall while fueling the final kick to the bright tank. Enjoy a pint of Brewphoria, the perfect recipe for running ecstasy. Brewed in collaboration with the Mississippi Valley Running Association for the 2018 Benefit Classic.

Not Available

ABV 4.5 | IBU 25

Brewtal Truth Russian Imperial Stout

Brewtal Truth

Russian Imperial Stout

In the midst of chaos, Master Brewer Brian had his latest creation enter the Brite of passage at the Hall of Brew Truth. Offering a vessel of an imperial stout, the liquid bread was placed upon the scales and weighed heavy with complex, dark roast and rich chocolate flavors, balanced by subtle heat and caramel. Found equal in weight to the feather of Ma’at, ‘Brewtal Truth’ was allowed passage to the Fields of Cream to be drunk by the God Osiris. Harmony was restored yet again in the cosmos.

Not Available

ABV 10.1 | IBU 64

Tweeks Coffee Porter

Tweeks Coffee Porter

Coffee Porter

Cold brewed & lactose infused to bring you the best of both worlds. Cheers to liquid harmony.

Not Available

ABV 4.2 | IBU 17

Driftless Haze IPA

Driftless Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA

Tropical infusion, no hoptical illusion. This Hazy IPA is loaded with Citra, El Dorado and Mandarina hops. Enjoy the haze on your journey through the driftless. A collaboration with Potosi Brewing Co.

Not Available

ABV 6 | IBU 48

Lemony Winks - Lemon Wheat Ale

Lemony Winks

Lemon Wheat Ale

Lemony Winks begins its journey in the human mouth. Waves of cereal grain and lemongrass flush into the belly, where it is soon met with the lingering bitterness that is King Willy. Godspeed, Lemony Winks! Godspeed on your quest to find the Prince of Porcelain.

Not Available

ABV 4.5 | IBU 16