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Blogs open doors to help us write our stories. The key is verbosity. In the competitive market to grab the audiences short attention span, imagery reigns supreme. Concise wordplay is desired. Details get the backseat as pictures run the wheel.

Blogs enable us the opportunity to pull back the curtain and explain the following: our research and development on products like craft beer, craft cocktails, and craft sauces made in our restaurant, how science and the humanities influenced our business model, why we chose the Historic Millwork District of Dubuque, IA, as our retail location, and the widespread influences on our creative department as a whole.

If you have the patience and desire to 'know' more about 7 Hills Brewing Co, look no further, as we travel down the rabbit hole to provide the substance and depth of what it means to be "unapologetically individualistic."

The Future is Now
October 11, 2019

Year one was a very liberal spending year all around. We threw a lot of ideas at the wall to see what would stick and what would slide off into the negatives on our P n L…

Bloktoberfest bourbon barrel hot sauce
Bloktoberfest, Bourbon Barrell Hot Sauce
September 14, 2019

Fall is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with our Bloktoberfest Beer?!?! We discuss the Marzen/Octoberfest beer style, along with two new hot sauce…

Against the Grain: Child, Man, & Business Owner
September 10, 2019

I have been against the grain my whole life. I was born this way. I will not apologize for it. This frame of reference did not get me a lot of friends. I learned at a young age I…

Namaste Athleisure Wear
Ann and Margie of Namaste Athleisure Wear, Kombucha
September 5, 2019

The most interesting aspect of interviewing local business owners is discovering the impulse that propelled them into their entrepreneurial voyage. Ann Butzier, of Namaste…

Double Dutch Rudder, 7 Headed Monster, Kombucha
Double Dutch Rudder, unfiltered 7 Headed Monster
September 3, 2019

On The Brewed Awakening Z and Carl talk about the latest release, Double Dutch Rudder, unfiltered 7 Headed Monster, and the latest kombucha release. Cheers 🍻

Moving to Year 3 and Reflection
Reflections of Running a Brewpub: 2 Year Experience
September 1, 2019

As we enter into year three, we reflect upon the experience of riding the business bi-polarcoaster here at 7 Hills Brewing Company. So many peaks and valleys you would assume we…

Blaum Brothers Galena IL
Matt & Mike Blaum, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co
August 28, 2019

The Blaum Brothers are killing the distillery game in Galena, IL. A manufacturer and retailer, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. produce everything from bourbon, rye, gin, vodka, and even…

Chef Ivo
Chef Ivo of Galena Canning Company
August 28, 2019

Chef Ivo, owner and operator of Galena Canning Company, has heated up the hot sauce game for many many years, blazing trails wherever he journeyed. Chef's radical approach to…

Councilman Luis Del Toro Dubuque Iowa Ward 2
Councilman Luis Del Toro
August 27, 2019

Councilman Luis Del Toro is running for re-election to secure his second term. We sit down to reflect back on his achievements in term one and discuss his vision for Dubuque in the…

Woodstock of The Crows Nest, Bazinga
Woodstock of The Crow's Nest, Bazinga
August 26, 2019

Today's guest is Woodstock, owner and operator @ The Crow's Nest and Retrospect Tattoo Removal, whose team is impacting the Greater Dubuque area through charitable donations and…

Jonathan and Samantha of McCoy Jeweler - Drinks and Discourse, Alchemix
Jonathan & Samantha of McCoy Jeweler
August 5, 2019

McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler 💎 doing some exciting things for our local community. Carl sits down with Jonathan and Samantha and talks about raising money for many different…

Shit's Bananas - Moanin N Groanin
Shit’s Bananas and Moanin-N-Groanin
July 15, 2019

On The Brewed Awakening 🍻 we discuss our latest release, \$#it’s Bananas, a smooth, refreshing hefeweizen. Find out what future plans Z has for this beer and how he made it taste…

Abby and Chris Dubuque Dancing with the Stars
Abigail, Chris, and Dancing with the Stars 💃🕺
July 2, 2019

Did you know that Dubuque has their very own Dancing with the Stars? 💃🕺 Today on Alchemix, I talk with Abigail and Chris, two contests this year. We discuss what charities they…

Alchemix Epsiode 5 - Jessica Hruska - Empowering Possibility
Jessica of Empowering Possibility
July 2, 2019

Yoga🧘‍♀️. Beer🍺. 2 of the best ways to unwind after a stressful day are under 1 roof at the 7 Hills Event Center. Jessica Hruska joins us in this episode to talk about her…

Alchemix - Episode 03 - Dave Dupaco Dubquue Iowa
Dave from Dupaco Community Credit Union
June 3, 2019

In episode III of Alchemix, we speak with Dave Klavitter, the Chief Marketing Officer, of Dupaco Community Credit Union. Join us as we sip a Tech Killa and talk about the exciting…

Episode 02 - Josh Nagle and Cocktail Mr Tea
Josh, See George Go and Mr Tea
June 2, 2019

Hear from our good friend Josh Nagle about his progress with See George Go and Spine & Sport Chiropractic Center, P.C. The featured cocktail in episode II is Mr. Tea. Cheers…

Let's Get Chai with Jumble Coffee and Calico Bean
Jared, Tracy and Let's Get Chai
June 1, 2019

Here is the first video in our series Alchemix, The Science of Spirits. We invited Teri of The Calico Bean Market and Jarod of Jumble Schoolhouse Cafe. We created a cocktail using…