Bloktoberfest, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce

Published ~ January 7th, 2020 | Updated ~ January 8th, 2020

Fall is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with our Bloktoberfest Beer?!?! We discuss the Marzen/Octoberfest beer style, along with two new hot sauce creations being released next week.

Z goes into detail about a side project where we age our Town Clock pilsner in our recently extracted pink guava hot sauce bourbon barrel. Make sure to stop in and taste this wonderful malty delight and grab a bottle of the hot sauce to impress your friends while you are at it. Cheers! 🍻

Show Notes

Hey, welcome internet. Uh, this is Carl.

Brian here.

And this is The Brewed Awakening where we talk about beers and other exciting news going on with brew pub.

Alright guys, uh, I know we just had a video last week. We just released a beer last week, but guess what we're doing this week?

Blocktoberfest Beer Release

Oktober , well, Blocktoberfest is our Oktoberfest beer.

Yes. Which in reality definitely a Marzen style.



That's all Oktoberfest style beers, correct?

Uh, I think you could split that into Festbeier or Marzen.


Think a a lot of American breweries that're, you know, they call it an Oktoberfest, but they're, uh, truetostyle guidelines probably brewing a Marzen.


But, that doesn't hold true to everybody. Ours is definitely a Marzen.


Almost by literal definition. We almost had it in in March.

So, that's, that's awesome.

And, uh, is this your was last year's batch your batch, or was that still, uh?

Yeah. That was me. Uh, see that was right at the changing of the guard. Sean had a couple recipes on there. I went with my own. I'm definitely not regretting that. This beer is dynamite. I, I have no qualms with saying this is definitely one of the better ones in the state. Um , it's exactly what you want in an Oktoberfest. Go ahead.

Why, why, why do you think it's one of the better ones in the state for?

I mean

What sets us apart than some other ones? Not saying everyone's bad, just

No, no. A lot of them are really great. A lot of them are right there with it. A couple of them I'm like, "Man, I don't know. This might be better." I haven't had Confluence's yet this year. Last year's, there's was real good.


Iowa Brewing Company, I had there's the other day. That was right up there with the quality of ours. But anyways, what sets this apart is anything, what really defines an Oktoberfest is the maltforward character and the quality of malt that you're using.


We're using all Weyermann, that's a German maltster. This is a Germanstyle beer.


Let's, you know, let's not reinvent the wheel.


Just use good, really high quality malt from a German maltster. This is like I said, it's Germanstyle beer, so we want some sauerkrauts out there shoveling the malt a little bit. We did get some floormalted pilsner in here,

Just for that, just so we could say that we had some Germans shoveling the malt.

That's awesome.

Beyond that, the right yeast strain, and then uh, wow, just really doing a nice lagering schedule accordingly.


There's a lot of people that don't lager theirs as long as ours, and they're still fantastic beers. But, you can tell a difference a lot of times.


When you put up like, say, an Erdinger Oktoberfest up next to a, not all, but a lot of American ones you can definitely tell the difference.


So yeah, lagering schedule, the right yeast strain, good malt and just baby that beer. Be patient.

There you go. Yeah, I like it. Um, you know, I know a lot of people look forward to, like, this style of beer all year long.

Oh yeah. For sure.

You know, , when you start drinking this, you know Fall's coming, and then Halloween's coming which a lot of people love. It kind of introduces into the new season, you know?


Summer's ending.

Fall's coming in the new season. There are no new seasons of Game of Thrones, so...

There we go.

Sorry, I went that direction, but, ugh.

It's alright. That will still be reference for me to use anyway.

Yeah .

But yeah, it's a great beer. It's solid. We have it, we put it on tap

Oh yeah.

the other day, so we have it ready to go. If you're seeing this, it's on tap. We have quite a bit of it, right?

Yes, yes. Absolutely.

So, we have plenty of it, but we're hoping

For now!

For now, right!

This flew last year. I expect the same this year. It's everything you want in an Oktoberfest. Midlight body. It's five eight ABV. 25 IBU. No off flavors and then its like I said, everything you want. So it's medium to light toast, and then that follows all the way through. Definitely toasty and then, uh, that kind of gets perceived as almost grahamcrackery.

Yup, makes sense.

Like, through and through, like I said, I would gladly put this up just about, uh, against anybody's. I was just saying the other day, if it wasn't too late to submit to the Great American Brew Festival I would be interested in sending this in. Let's look ahead to next year.


Turns out Oktoberfest comes earlier every year.

It's like Christmas.


You see them release in August now, so maybe we'll get in the fermentor a little bit earlier next year. Release it a little bit earlier and submit that in.

I mean, it's always fun to just kind of put your beer out there to compete.

Oh for sure.

You know, I mean, it's cool bragging rights, but at the end of the day, as long as people are making beer and having fun,

Oh for sure.

it's just a fun competition, you know what I mean?

Uh, call it a healthy competition.

There you go.

Yeah, absolutely. Drives people towards making a better product. That's it.

It's the same with my drinking competition. I'm friends, I'm friends with everyone that I but, you, it's alright. We have an idiot producer making funny faces at us.

But, so, if you kind of notice, we're surrounded by some barrels in here.


We kind of changed the floor plan up in our dining room.

Still working on it, yeah.

Still working on it. But we're getting there. So you come in, you're going to notice, like, holy crap, there's a lot of bourbon barrels just hittin' out. We are very lucky to be working with several different distilleries and receive their barrels. From Cedar Ridge to Blaum Brothers. I'm looking at a Park Farm Winery one right now, so we're just, we're barrel aging almost everything, it seems like, right? Not everything, but a lot of our stuff.

Why not? I guarantee it doesn't make it worse.

Right? Exactly.

Only gets better.

Barrel Aged Hot Sauce

But, so, we've kind of talked about it before in some of the other videos, but we have a hot sauce that we've been barrel aging.

Oh, yeah!

And we just bottled Tropical Heat Wave yesterday. We did what, six hours? Five hours it seems?

Something like that, yeah.

Something like that. So, um, we did that. Bottle five ten ounce bottles and put those off to the side 'cause we're going to do some specials, chicken sandwich specials. And then we had our wing contest coming up. But this thing is amazing.

Oh yeah.

It's, uh, I guess what, pineapple, guava,


Um, some other fruits that were roasted by Chef Evo and then he made that. We dumped it in some Blaum Brothers.


At what, 180 degrees? 175 degrees or something like that?

You'd have to ask Evo, but that sounds probably pretty accurate, yeah.

Yeah, somewhere in that vicinity. So you dump it in there and then it gets the

You're going to extract a little more barrel quality

There you go

going into the higher temperature. We're not afforded the opportunity of doing that with beer. We're going to still the alcohol off.

Obviously you want the alcohol in the beer.


But we did, when we emptied that barrel, and Chef Evo's so talented, like that flavor profile and that hot sauce is mindblowing.

It's great. So yeah

It's like, on a scale of ten for hotness, it's like a three. So if you're one of those guys that's like, "yo man, give me like the more ghost pepper the better" this, you're probably looking for more heat.

Which we have the mango habanero.


Sorry, just wanted to add.

So there is an alternative for you. Yeah, I was going to ask about that. We do have another bourbon barrel aged one that's a little bit hotter for you guys. But just the flavor profiles on these are insane. And then,

Insane. You definitely get the bourbon quality, but then you still get the fruitiness of what each one represents and then just a levelness of heat. I would say the Tropical Heat Wave, a little bit spicier than maybe a honey barbecue, let's say, from Buffalo Wild Wings or something like that.

Be fairly accurate. Yeah.

So, it's good. I think we're going to do it on a chicken special this weekend. Maybe not. I'm not 100% sure 'cause I'm not the chef, he's not the chef, we just drink. But yeah, definitely check out the sauces. We're going to release them to the public for the first time at farmer's market, Night Market

Night Market, yup.

Night Market, next Thursday. And then we're going to start selling these bad boys

For sure.

You know, we have limited quantities, 'cause, you know, we start with one barrel for each. There's also something else that you did with, uh, that we're doing with the Tropical barrel.

Town Clock Pilsner Upgrade

Uh, that was pretty low risk. I like the idea. We went directly back into that barrel with our pilsner. Concept being not a Bloody Mary chaser, as much as a Bloody Mary complement.


Sidecar so to say. Like I said, that's low risk, high reward. Like, I can't wait to see what happens with that. I'd be looking ahead to the future on that one.

Probably 2020 before we, you can get

Probably, yeah, for sure.

I'm looking forward to it, you know. It's going to add a great, just, personality I think, to that pilsner.

Oh for sure.

But yeah.

No yeah, talking to you yesterday, like, develop a Bloody Mary specific to that beer,


Yeah, for sure.

I hope to get some of the sweetness and some of the tanginess and some of the bourbon. And then you got your pilsner which is going to be crushable, you know, and stuff like that, but

I was really comfortable going back in there knowing Evo's techniques and processes, that he's meticulous, like Like, you have the Tropical Burn, or?


Tropical Heat Wave?


And uh, it's a little bit of a sweeter hot sauce. You know there's a sugar load in there so as a brewer you're always concerned about like uh, potential issues there as far as fermentable sugars, but uh, like, he had the PH drove down at a really appropriate level just for like stability of product.

He's the man when it comes to the science part of that stuff. The logistics and everything.

Uh, he asked Keith if we could take a PH reading on that and told Keith, "Oh it should be 2.85" and I took a PH reading and it was exactly 2.85.


That's awesome. But you know, hey. But yeah, we got some exciting stuff happening. We got the Blocktoberfest beer, which is for Blocktoberfest which is September 21st.

It's for everybody man.

It's for everybody. It's free to come down, hang out. We have some beer vendors. We're going to be a beer vendor. There's other great beer vendors from the state of Iowa involved. Toppling Goliath, Single Speed, Exile, a couple other ones I forget. Petoskey. Um, you know, food vendors, BMX skateboarding competition.

Oh yeah.



Olliewood will be part of that.

Oh yeah.

So yeah, other great stuff. Dunk tanks, kids' section, live music, and it's free. It's going to be downtown in the Millwork District. So let's check it out and cheers buddy.

Yeah, let's rage.


Come enjoy the Blocktoberfest. You get your money's worth in the first two ounces, and the rest is free.

Alright see you guys there. Cheers.