Jared, Tracy and Let's Get Chai

Published ~ January 10th, 2020 | Updated ~ January 10th, 2020

Here is the first video in our series Alchemix, The Science of Spirits. We invited Teri of The Calico Bean Market and Jarod of Jumble Schoolhouse Cafe. We created a cocktail using ingredients from both local businesses.


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All right, my name’s Carl. I’m the mixologist here at 7 Hills Brewery. Today we’re doing something for the first time. We got two small business owners that we use their ingredients in a martini that we’re rolling out. What’s the name, Keith?

The martini?


Let’s get chai.

Let’s get chai. Keith came up with that one.

Very nice.

[laughter] But we’ll let them introduce themselves and talk about their business.

I am Teri Kenley and I have the Calico Bean Market on Bluff Street.

I’m Jarod Schrader and I’m the general manager for Jumble Coffee Company. We roast all our beans, fresh, daily. Seven Hills approached us about putting our coffee in their drinks and we were able to make things work.

We’re very happy about it.

[laughter] Right? So what I did was come up with, help with my roommates, we came up with a good recipe for, what did we call it again?

Let’s get chai.

Let’s get chai. See I hadn’t come up with the names, I just came up with the drinks. What we’re going to do is they’ve never tasted this drink before. I’m going to make it for them and let them give us their honest feedback. No matter what they say, the recipe’s staying the same. I’m going to have made everything in the shakers. We’re going to finish her up. I think I poured us too much.

Oh pretty.

There’s not going to be ice in the final drink, but you know what, I don’t care right now. [laughter] All right guys, let’s get chai.

We could do the romantic arm thing. [laughter] Are we doing it?

I don’t know how to.

Well, let me show you the way, honey. Don’t spill it.

That’s impressive.

We’ve got some professionals up in this.

That’s delicious.

That is really good.

That is very good.

But it’s smooth.

Oh yeah.

Don’t change the recipe. [laughter] I think you got it.

Do I?

Yeah, I think you got it.

That’s quite good.

I mean, you guys can taste each of your ingredients in there, right?

Well, mine’s a little hard because there’s a whole bunch, but yeah.

So what we did was…

vodka, but I wish I did.

I French pressed your coffee. 40 ounces, French pressed that. Put that in a pot, start boiling. Put two tablespoons of the Chai mix, a cup of sugar, and that’s my chai syrup. Kind of melt the two together and call it a day. Four ounces of vanilla vodka, one ounce of heavy whipping cream and two ounces of this.

And one Uber.

And one Uber, there you go.



Nice job!

Thank you, appreciate it, appreciate it.

Thanks for having us.

You bet!

Carl comes to me, he’s like we got all of these different things, and I was like oh and I was like, I got this. [laughter] on the couch and I’m like I’ve got the perfect thing right now, I’ve got time to kill. Whipped it up, ready to scale it up and sell it to everybody.

All right, so our new cocktail menu list is coming out…

April first.

April first, so it’s a couple days away. Come check it out. We got this and seven other brand new cocktails just for you.