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Restaurants Near Me

Published ~ November 9th, 2020 | Updated ~ November 9th, 2020

When I type in restaurants near me in google, I never know what to expect. Did I click on that because the algorithm finished my sentence? I know I started searching restaurants, but near me wasn’t on my radar, especially because I am at home looking to drive somewhere to dine in.

To be fair and honest, I have not been able to go support many of the local restaurants during this this global disruption that is dismantling the food and beverage industry. We have been forced to do less with more, so free time is something I can not afford.

There is nothing I love more than visiting brewpubs and restaurants. With three small adventurous children, casual dining has replaced fine dining. When able to get a babysitter, we do choose the latter for date nights.

Restaurants Need to Be Social

There are a lot of restaurants near me that are withstanding the public pressure and surviving during these trying times. Some of the owners are personal friends, others have been veterans in this town that offer iconic environments and products.

On the one end, customers long for the normalcy of wait lists, packed seating, and indoor dining. On the other end, they crave for the perception of safety in every aspect of the dining experience. Unfortunately you can’t have your dessert and eat it it too.

A virus is like a hawk waiting patiently for a mouse in an open field. We can stay home, but eventually we must come out. We are only delaying the inevitable. I will put my thoughts on Covid-19 into another blog, I digress.

There are a lot of great restaurants in Dubuque, and seeing them suffer becomes burdensome and exhausting. Restaurants are trying to juggle an unpredictable market where pricing keeps fluctuating, hiring is finical, and customer reviews are without integrity.

Compassion is lacking, while complaining is trending. Dubuque is not immune to the national divide, with the current election furthering the polarization. Restaurants are built on razor thin margins and socialization, so adding social distancing and the threat of a recession are not exactly recipes for predicted success.

Restaurants owners/operators must think outside the box more than ever to stay alive. Survival of the fittest is not some fanciful theorem; it is our reality.

Adapt the Restaurant Business Model

7 Hills does business as a brewpub; we are a full service restaurant and also a brewery. We manufacture craft beer, but we also create craft cocktails, serve domestic bottle beer, and have a well rounded liquor selection as well.

Most breweries do not promote the sale of traditional products, viewing it as direct competition against their own product line. We welcome the competition, and view the cooperation as mutually beneficial for an overall diversified product selection.

At the day’s end, we view this approach as good business to unite parties of different tastes here within our brewpub.

Writing blogs is a two fold process. We grow and evolve our digital marketing presence while simultaneously documenting our journey. It is most definitely work, but therapeutic in its process. Drinking has definitely helped me through these trials and tribulations as this is an all out war for survival.

As we learn to live and adapt to a virus that has disrupted our lives, restaurants are also adapting their business models to focus on what is vital. As an optimist, I am grateful for being forced to cut the fat off the proverbial steak and transform our infrastructure into a lean and clean fighting machine.

We plan to hang in there and see this through to the end, whenever that may be. People are social animals, so I don’t buy into the ‘new normal.’

One Year Business Goal

In a year from now, we have one goal: 7 Hills remains open and viable, as indicated by our presence on your search engine when you type in restauarants near me.

Our hope is that common sense wins the war against fear driven virtue, individuals reclaim their independence as thinkers to make calculated risks to rule their own lives, and the common man utilizes their intuitive compass that has guided creatures from the wild into civilization.

Restaurants provide us the opportunity to unify over food and drink with good friends and family. It is the truce where savages and civilized can agree on one thing: we are all part of the whole.

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. ~ Cheers.