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Craft Cockails

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” — Frank Sinatra

Not everyone likes beer. That's why we offer a variety of libations from our full-service bar. Who are we to tell you how to consume your alcohol?

All you have to do is choose one (or two...or more; we're not here to judge). Believe us: it's not as easy as you think.

Current Craft Beer on Tap

Bloody Hell

tito'a vodka + blaum brother bloody mary mix + barrel-aged mango habanero hot sauce + jalapeno salt

Blueberry Lemonade

tito's vodka + fresh blueberry puree + lemon juice + simple syrup + sode water

Mango Madness

mango puree + lime juice + malibu rum + jose cuervo tequila + tiot's vodka

el capitain mojito

captain morgan spiced rum + mint simple syrup + lime juice + soda water

Previous Craft Cocktails


Jim Beam Honey + St Germain

British Lemonade

Beefeaters Gin + Fresh Lemon Juice + Rosemary + Sugar in the Raw

I'm Slightly Dirty

kettle one vodka + smidge of olive juice + two blue cheese stuffed olives

In the Cloud

Vanilla Vodka + House Sour Mix + Rhubarb + Egg White + Bitters

Jim's Warm Apple Pie

jim beam apple + house made caramel + hot water

Let's Get Chai

Vanilla Vodka + House Coffee Chai Reduction Syrup + Cream

Mr Tea

George Dickel #8 Whiskey + House Tea Syrup + Mint


bulleit 95 rye + christian brothers brandy + mist of absinthe + peychaud's bitter

Strawberry Fields

jose cuervo silver + fresh strawberry puree + orange bitters + soda water

Tech Killa

Blood Orange + Basil + House Made Pineapple Sour + Tequila

The Cosmo

tito's vodka + cointreau + house made cranberry puree

Triple Barrel

evan williams bourbon + bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup + bourbon barrel-aged coffee + half & half

Whiskey Sour

maker's mark + house made sour mix + egg white + angostura bitters

Winter's Here

jim beam honey + house made pomegranate orange cinnamon juice blend