7 Headed Monster



7 Headed Monster

IPA - American

Huge hop aroma and flavor, that was the only goal in the design of this West Coast style IPA. Over 1 lbs./ barrel of Simcoe and Citra Hops in the boil and over 2 lbs./ barrel in our re-circulating hop back dry hopping process give this beer some serious street cred. Once bitten, victims suffer from severe perma-grin, chronic highfiveitis, and epic hop headedness.Have a great Uber…. 

IBU: 77

ABV: 7%

Bernie's Red Ale


Red Ale

 Bernie's Red Ale 

American Amber/Red

Crafted by the dude with the FLOW, this beer is bar none a BAR DOWN. Too hoppy for HOSERS, too trendy for BENDERS, this well-balanced Red Ale was designed specifically for the fans cheering inside the BARN. Breakaway from the defense, get your MITTS on a pint, and put that BISCUIT in the BASKET.

IBU: 19

ABV: 5%

Town Clock



Town Clock

Pilsner - German

A perfect twist of modern practice and old-world traditions. Light enough for those who dig the macros, but bold enough to make craft lovers smile and order another. This pilsner is brewed using traditional German techniques that create a brilliantly bright beer with a pillowing white head and great lacing. American malts, hops, and of course; corn from the Mid-West makes this easy drinking lager our very own!

IBU: 12

ABV: 4.2%

Millworx Mule



Millworx Mule

Ginger Beer

Just Ginger Beer and Lime.

IBU: 77

ABV: 7%

Blueberry Lemony Winks



 Lemony Winks 

American Pale Wheat

Lemony Winks begins its journey in the human mouth. Waves of cereal grain and lemongrass flush into the belly, where it is soon met with the lingering bitterness that is King Willy. Godspeed, Lemony Winks! Godspeed on your quest to find the Prince of Porcelain.

IBU: 16

ABV: 4.5%