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@ 7 hills brewing co.

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the wildwoods

live at 7 hills brewing co. 

The Wildwoods are an enchanting Folk/Americana duo based in Lincoln, Nebraska, whose flowing songwriting tandem has been praised by Paste Magazine as "focused and charmingly human". The Wildwoods' delicate melodies and descriptive lyrics come from nature, love, experiences from the road, and growing up in Nebraska.

Sunday, August 22nd

brion bowman

live at 7 hills brewing co.

Brion Bowman has so much talent wrapped into one person! He can play anything from jazz to country to pop to R&B! His musical gifts afford him the ability to flow and adapt to the setting. As the Founder/Owner of BKBMusix, a local small business, Brion has established a foundation of Jazz/Classical piano & voice at The School Of Music Vocations. He teaches music as he supports and helps to raise up our local musicians

Friday, August 27th & Friday, September 24th


Joshua Sinclair

live at 7 hills brewing co.

15 albums in and Joshua Sinclair is just getting started. He continues to capture what life is like being a songwriter for the past 20 years. The highs and lows of life on the road, the glitz, the glam, and the disappointments. From signing multiple record deals to the music biz in general, and the relationships along the way: Sinclair provides the musical score to the stories of his life.

Friday, March 25th 2022