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Specialized Generality

7 Hills Brewing Company underwent it’s 3rd and final disruption, which just so happened to parallel with a national and global disruption. Thanks for nothing Covid-19!

Actually, thank you Covid-19 for the opportunity that allowed us to rise up against all odds and overcome what most have not been able to undertake.

When life takes things away, we have more to offer. Everything is going to be all right, you provided us perspective when the media manipulated division.

You provided us clarity when the government offered confusion. You even stuck around to experience our 3rd birthday, and to that we say Cheers! I know you are on your way out soon, I have felt the shift last week.

We both agree that humanity needs to catch up and do its homework if we are ever going to learn from your valuable lesson. Ok, enough of the philosophizing, safe travels.

Excuses No More

As we move forward to the future, while distilling the wisdom of our past, one theme emerges: it belongs to the Specialized Generalist. This blog title is the perfect descriptor of 7 Hills Brewing Company. It is also a conundrum/oxymoron by nature.

The jack of all trades also is the master of all trades. Our management team is cross trained to step into any scenario. The words, “But this is what we have always done,” or, “That’s not my job,” have now become ancient whispers in the halls of never.

All hands on deck ethos permeates our workforce. We are truly doing more with less.

Strive to Improve

We have worked tirelessly on our craft, maintained integrity throughout the process, and trusted our intuition. Fearless in our pursuit of our passions, we unified our systems theory and eventually became whole.

We tore down the walls that separated our team. The sacrifices we have made for our children, families, and community have pushed us to the brink of our sanity, health, and security.

We have reached levels of industriousness (that are dangerous to the human condition) in order to survive and secure our future within our competitive industry.

Most of the power moves made during these past few months were considered by others to be counter-intuitive or impulsive; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Finding a Balance

The humble altruism we shared and have experienced was cathartic. When you step into our hermetically sealed brewpub, you can not deny the positive vibe. We have transformed and evolved our business model to reach our goal: being grounded and well-rounded.

From our customer service to our diversified product selection, we have balanced efficiency and productivity to bring you a seamless and effortless engagement.

As we continue to climb to the top, with the inability to stop, we reflect in motion to give thanks to our supporters.

The cynics and critics, your divisive time is up. We raise our pints to the real people, willing to go against the grain to be themselves, who refuse to conform to the norm, and embrace their individuality. Cheers to being Independent.

peace n pub……

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